Course Number: EDGP 5002

How can educators and therapists best support individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families? Our growing understanding of neurodiversity can provide guidance and direction. All human beings have uneven developmental profiles due to neurodevelopmental differences. However, for people with autism and more pronounced neurodevelopmental differences, strengths and challenges may be more pronounced, especially in areas related to social communication and emotional regulation.

Using meaningful examples, this presentation will discuss and give examples of productive and supportive ways to identify and capitalize on strengths, enhance social communication competence and confidence, support emotional regulation, build trust and empower individuals with autism and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. This approach is in stark contrast to “deficit-checklist” approaches designed to "fix" individuals.

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EDGP 5002 - Neurodiversity in Action
Online Self-paced
May 11, 2023 to Jun 09, 2023
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May 04, 2023
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All course to be held in Central Time.
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