Course Number: CEA 0276

Linear Linked Data Structures – most programming languages have default collections that emphasize speed over memory efficiency.  Linked Data structures are collection types that focus on memory efficiency and malleability over pure performance.  Linear Linked Data structures follow a straight forward collection model of a single list of elements.  Data Structures explored are linked lists, stacks, and queues.

Coding 3: Computer Programming Linear and Non-Linear Data Structures

Computer Programming is like a sport. You must learn the fundamentals, and then practice them to gain an expertise. Our micro-credentials in Coding offer you the fundamental skills needed to learn computer programming even if you have never coded before. If you have experience in coding, our approach may offer a fresh perspective on coding that adds value to your existing foundation.

This is the final offering in a series of 3 offerings focusing on advanced data structures (linear and non-linear), with an emphasis on algorithms that take advantage of these data storage techniques.

Coding 3: Coding Early Objects and Algorithms

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