Searching and Sorting Algorithms – algorithms are like recipes that take programming fundamentals and use them in interesting ways to solve more complex problems. Sometimes further organizing data is required after bring that data into a computer program. Various sorting algorithms are explored which all ultimately produce the same output, but the complexity and performance varies. The ability to search data efficiently is a powerful tool for any computer programmer.

Coding 2: Coding Early Objects and Algorithms

Computer Programming is like a sport. You must learn the fundamentals, and then practice them to gain an expertise. Our micro-credentials in Coding offer you the fundamental skills needed to learn computer programming even if you have never coded before. If you have experience in coding, our approach may offer a fresh perspective on coding that adds value to your existing foundation.

This is the second in a series of 3 offerings focusing on Object Oriented Programming, Searching, Sorting, and Algorithm Design.

Coding 2: Coding Early Objects and Algorithms

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CEA 0274 - Searching and Sorting Algorithms
Online Self-paced
Jan 09, 2023 to Mar 05, 2023
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