This program is designed to train participants in the art of providing safe and effective care to residents in long-term care facilities. Various populations of adults will be included and discussed, including those with various types of dementia, mental illness, developmental disabilities, and other issues that are common to long-term care facilities. The online, laboratory and clinical approaches are preparing students to service residents at Long Term Care facilities and other Health environments. When students complete the program they will demonstrate skills to provide care, respect and acknowledge rights and dignity of those they are caring for. Understand abuse and assist to improve the quality of life for people in their care. Successful completion of the course will allow the participant to take the state certification test.

Course Outline

The overall objective of this Nurse Aide Training Program is the provision of quality services to residents in long term care facilities by nurse aides who are able to:

1. Form a relationship, communicate and interact competently on a one-to-one basis with the residents;

2. Demonstrate sensitivity to residents’ emotional, social, and mental health needs through skillfully directed interactions;

3. Assist residents in attaining and maintaining functional independence;

4. Exhibit behavior in support and promotion of residents’ rights; and

5. Demonstrate observational and documentation skills needed in the assessment of resident’s health, physical condition and well-being.

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