Course Number: CEWL 0019
Growing Together: Let Your Mentoring Skills Take Shape is a 3-part intergenerational mentoring workshop designed by the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) as resource material to help reframe mentoring for congregational settings.  The Growing Together materials can be easily facilitated in any group setting with our video and printed guides.  Participants will enjoy small and large group discussions, guided practice exercises, and opportunities to build confidence as you connect with others.

You are purchasing the workshop content that you can read through and use individually, facilitate in your ministry or congregational setting, or for an additional cost, schedule a WLI trained facilitator to lead for you. 

Again, this purchase includes all the Growing Together Workshop Materials including: Facilitator and Participant Guides, Presentation Slides, and Video files.  The course content will give you access to all the downloadable files.  This way you can choose to print out only the material you wish to use at a certain time.  For an additional cost, you may also purchase printed guides and/or a flash drive of the workshop materials. 

The content you purchase is to be used by you and your congregation only.  Please direct others who might be interested in using the content to WLI or to the continuing education page.  The content you receive can be broken into 2-hour segments, day workshops, or weekend retreats.  We provide some sample schedules that can be adapted within the workshop material content. 


Participants in our Growing Together: Let your Mentoring Skills Take Shape workshop will:

  1. Identify and encourage essential mentoring qualities in themselves and others.
  2. Employ positive mentoring skills within their mentoring relationships.
  3. Identify and implement new mentoring opportunities within their congregation or community.
  4. Experience improved communication and mutual trust in mentoring relationships.

Additional Information

Need more information?

Reach out to WLI if the following applies to you:

  • I am interested, but would like more information.
  • I would like to talk with someone about discovering the best way to use the content for my church or ministry area. 
  • I am looking to schedule a WLI trained Facilitator to lead the Growing Together workshop at an additional cost. 
  • I would like to sign up to join a learning community of ministry leaders interested in creating ways to make mentoring more a part of their ministry’s focus. 

You can contact us by email at wli@cuw.edu or by phone at 262-243-2300. 


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