In fact, the statistics tell us what we already know to be true; students are coming to school with trauma in their background—trauma that is impacting their ability to learn, engage with others, and develop.

In our newest mini-course, Audrey DiMaggio Fiore, the program director of graduate counseling at Concordia University, dives into trauma-informed care to equip teachers to return to their classroom and handle difficult situations with care and sensitivity.

About the presenter

Audrey DiMaggio Fiore is an assistant professor and the program director of graduate counseling at Concordia University Wisconsin. Prior to her appointment at Concordia, she worked as a counselor in elementary and high school settings for 28 years, using a trauma-informed approach in her interactions with students. DiMaggio Fiore has master’s degrees in both curriculum and instruction and school counseling.


What will you learn in this free mini-course?

  • Understand the potential that trauma-informed care offers
  • Shift your mindset and build compassion to see your students differently
  • Employ actual strategies to promote a healthier classroom environment
  • Advocate for system-wide adoption of a trauma-informed care policy
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CEM 009 - Trauma-Informed Care
Online Self-paced
Dec 22, 2021 to Dec 31, 2022
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