Professional Sales Academy with Badge


Professional Sales is a craft, not an art. In this course, Suzanne Siegle and Jon Bahr dive into the mindset of a successful business development professional to reveal sales without selling, how a consistency mindset improves success, and how body language and voice can be used to build rapport, trust, and relationships. They also share proven methods and strategies to dramatically increase your success in business development–increasing your income while expanding on the knowledge required to be successful in any job or role in Professional Sales.

This Academy course contains both learning experiences in the Professional Sales series (Winning Mindset and Plan for Prosperity and Winning Strategies for Getting Results). To receive the badge (A shareable micro-credential linked to the university that validates your knowledge or skills. Badges can be collected in a “backpack” to showcase your competency and boost your resume or LinkedIn profile.) you must complete both experiences and one of the two available Course assignments.


About Our Presenters

Suzanne Siegle serves as the Campus Dean of the Haab School of Business at Concordia University Ann Arbor. She is an innovative licensed attorney with an impressive array of backgrounds such as direct commissioned sales, business and real estate law and estate planning, and startup and entrepreneurship coaching. Her enthusiasm and passion for professional development drives eager salespeople to pursue their goals with positive mindsets, empowerment, and a results-driven approach to business and life.

Jonathan Bahr, MBA and CM, is the Director of Enrollment at Concordia University. With over 10 years of remarkable sales experience, his background ranges from insurance to marketing to business development to higher education. This variety of influential personal experience and knowledge is what motivates him to express to students the importance of good rapport, having sales mindsets, B2B and complex sales, and much more.

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