Digital Influencer – Part 3: Managing your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


Join Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn speaker and consultant, in this learning engagement as he teaches the influential power of LinkedIn. You’ll learn about the importance of an established personal digital brand, how to differentiate yourself from others, and recommended LinkedIn strategies.

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About The Presenter

Wayne Breitbarth, MBA, is one of the leading corporate LinkedIn consultants in the world. His critically acclaimed book, “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search” has helped tens of thousands access the full power of LinkedIn. He is a dynamic and inspiring speaker with a passion for helping others maximize the benefits available to them through strategic use of social media.


  • What is your personal branding “differentiation statement”? How do you apply it to you digital presence?
  • How do I define my audience and purpose?
  • Why would my audience choose my personal brand?
  • How do my unique experience and unique relationships intersect with the social media tools I have?
  • Specifically, what are practical tips to tie this all together on LinkedIn?


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