Digital Influencer – Part 2: How To Monetize Your Personal Brand


In this learning engagement, Sarah Ware, Co-Founder and CEO of Markerly (an influencer marketing agency), walks you through branding and how to make your personal brand successful from an advertiser’s point of view. You’ll specifically dive into explanations of understanding your value, quality versus quantity content, how to think like a brand, and how to sell yourself as a brand.

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About The Presenter

Sarah Ware has served as the CEO and co-founder of Markerly, a full service influencer marketing agency specializing in custom identification, tracking and reporting. Markerly’s team works hand in hand with a variety of fortune 500 and B2C brands to leverage the emerging field of influencer marketing. Sarah is a notable voice for women in technology and is a serial entrepreneur. She is a sought after speaker, who has deep insider knowledge about the origination, adoption, and evolution of influencer marketing.


  • Who is considered an “influencer?”
  • Is there a way to differentiate between different kinds of influencers?
  • How do I get make the transition to becoming an influencer?
  • How do brands choose and reward their influencers?
  • What are best practices that will set me ahead of others?
  • How do I generate revenue as an influencer?


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