Confidence – Part 1: Confidence Defined


Author and speaker, Susan Marshall, Director of the Backbone Institute, begins this series on building Confidence with a definition of “confidence” and then tells us how we can expand our Comfort zone into our Learning zone and grow our confidence.  Presented by the Women’s Leadership Institute.

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View Susan’s presentation and pass the quiz to complete this learning engagement and earn the Confidence Defined digital badge. Complete all three experiences in the Confidence series to earn the Confidence – Your Greatest Asset badge, or complete all Women’s Leadership Institute learning engagements for the Women’s Leadership Institute Academy Badge.

About The Presenter

Susan A. Marshall is Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, whose mission is to create a stronger, more confident future one person or team at a time. Her work spans three decades and serves a global clientele. Susan is the author of three books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and she speaks to a wide range of audiences in business, academic, and non-profit industries. She has two adult daughters (who married brothers) and five granddaughters.

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