Confidence – Full Series


What will you learn in this Academy?
  • Confidence defined – Author and speaker, Susan Marshall, Director of the Backbone Institute, leads us through this series on Confidence by beginning with a definition of “confidence” and then goes on to tell us how we can expand our Comfort zone into our Learning zone and grow our confidence.
  • Confidence and critical thinking – In this second presentation of the Women’s Leadership Institute’s series on Confidence, Author and speaker, Susan Marshall, walks us through how to use critical thinking skills to help develop a positive expectation for a favorable outcome. She suggests that we take a situation in our life, determine our desired outcome, and then work on this area by thinking critically.
  • Confidence and taking action – In the final part of her series on Confidence, Susan Marshall discusses the different barriers we can encounter when we determine to take action and build confidence, and then helps us break through those barriers. On our way to reaching our desired outcomes, Susan encourages to remember the gifts and friends with which God has blessed us, reminds us we have choices when interacting with people, and gives us ideas on what our first action steps can be toward reaching our goal.
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