Classroom Assessment Makeover Challenge: Session 2


Dr. Bernard Bull’s second part of his Classroom Makeover Challenge sessions covers narrative feedback and peer and self-assessment. In the video, he will walk you through his presentation to explore the details of each and how they coincide with a classroom assessment makeover.

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About The Presenter

Dr. Bernard Bull has served at all leadership levels in higher education.  He embraces “thinking and learning” as his primary calling in life and has spent a career innovating and inspiring around these topics. Dr. Bull is also a noted blogger. His site,, is on the forefront of educational innovation, entrepreneurship, and culture. Dr. Bull has leveraged his digital presence to become an in-demand, keynote speaker and consultant.


  • What are the affordances of narrative feedback?
  • How can I provide meaningful and substantive narrative feedback?
  • When is peer assessment (or workshopping) an appropriate means of assessment?
  • What factors/variables/resources need to be present in order for this type of assessment to be valuable/valid?
  • How can self-assessment foster learning?
  • How can we equip/prepare students to benefit from and engage in self-assessment?


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