Trauma-Informed Care for Educators

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The behavior issues that you face in your classroom aren’t just random occurrences. In fact, the statistics tell us what we already know to be true; students are coming to school with trauma in their background—trauma that is impacting their ability to learn, engage with others, and develop.

As an educator, you’re often the one stuck trying to navigate those behaviors. It can be easy to resort to the old styles of discipline when students in your classroom refuse to follow along and cooperate. But now, taking into account the amount of students who experience trauma in the impact trauma has on student behaviors, it’s clear that another way is needed.

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About the presenter

Audrey DiMaggio-Fiore

Audrey DiMaggio Fiore is an assistant professor and the program director of graduate counseling at Concordia University Wisconsin. Prior to her appointment at Concordia, she worked as a counselor in elementary and high school settings for 28 years, using a trauma-informed approach in her interactions with students. DiMaggio Fiore has master’s degrees in both curriculum and instruction and school counseling.

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